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Photography of urban landscapes, and landscapes that are not urban.
Portfolios of the neighborhoods, historic architecture and the urban landscapes of
New Orleans,

shotgreek1bwclr #2, originally uploaded by jeff lamb. 

2-bay single shotgun house in the Bywater/ Marigny historic district
Greek Revival Shotgun house, may 1984

jlp/ New Orleans,
shotgreek1bwclr #2



January 12, 2010


Amsterdam, originally uploaded by jeff lamb.

1998©jeffrey lamb 2009

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
May 1998

Prinsen gracht

and Venice,

Venice sky

May 19, 2009

VeniceskyA, originally uploaded by jeff lamb.

Venice, 1998

and Ann Arbor.

Photography of the Landscape
the Leelanau peninsula
, near and around the villages of Northport and Leland, Michigan, and rural Michigan,
as well as other
Landscapes, places in time, that I have found myself with a camera.

I began to photograph neighborhoods of my home town, and the architectural environment of Ann Arbor in the mid-70’s. Moving on to New Orleans, La., in 1977, after having left school, I became involved with the documentation and photography of historic New Orleans architecture.

This is where urban/ landscape imagery began to take form, an approach to photography at the street level, documenting the urban environment from a pedestrian perspective. A conscious, but free form effort, of looking at those elements that make up our surroundings. At times it is simply a constructivist approach to composition, at other times it is an opportunity to see things as they are, and how everything around those objects, simply create form and structure within the frame of the image. I met Clarence John Laughlin many times, until finally he would have a look at a couple photographs of mine. First thing he did was turn them upside down, and then sit there for a while, and then maybe say, i get it. Once he told me, as it relates to photography, and surealism, that “reality is stranger than fiction”, and once in a while I look at a photograph of mine, and i get it.
I have read more recently, somewhere, the pursuit of an image is about the “suspension of reality”.
I like that, after all, isn’t a photograph about the suspension of time and space in an instant, and from that point on, that time and space will never be the same.

Permanent Collections
The New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, La.
The Preservation Resource Center, New Orleans, La.
The Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, La.
The Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans, La.
The Imperial Calcasieu Museum, Lake Charles, La.
The Bentley Library, Ann Arbor, Mi.
The Michigan Bureau of History
Pfizer/ Warner-Lambert, Ann Arbor

Upon my return home in 1985, and now, after many years of photographing Ann Arbor, the Leelanau penninsula in northern Michigan, Amsterdam and Venice, the pursuit of color and structure within an image has evolved.

And now that we have all gone digital, it is a whole new ball game…….

All Rights Reserved, 2011

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3 Responses to “jeff lamb photo/ about”

  1. Jim Shulman Says:

    Hi Jeff Lamb,

    I am the sponsor of a non profit project in Western MA. Please see Berkshire Carousel at As a fund raiser I am putting together a book of stories of nearby landmarks from the 50s and 60s. One of these is the Squeeze Bottling Franchise in Adams MA that started in New Orleans. I am requesting your okay to use your photo of the original plant in New Orleans with reference to you. I want to show the roots of the franchise co. 100% profits of the book go to the non profit carousel project. Thanks, Jim Shulman at

    • jeffrey lamb Says:

      not sure which photo you are asking about,
      i don’t know that i have a photo of the carousel plant?,
      i have posted one of of carousel in new orleans by a friend of mine, i will forward your note and ask her if she’d like to .

  2. Valerie Savoie Says:

    Approve of everything, with enthusiasm.

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