New Orleans 1984

January 17, 2011

New Orleans 1984, originally uploaded by jeff lamb.

Arthur, neighborhood carpenter taking a break in the Irish Channel, may 1984
on Pleasant near the corner of Laurel


emp, Seattle

January 5, 2011

emp, Seattle, originally uploaded by jeff lamb.

Experimental Music Project
Seattle, Washington 2004

New Orleans 1979

January 3, 2011

New Orleans 1979, originally uploaded by jeff lamb.

jlp/New Orleans.

1401 Laharpe St., on the 2 story creole quarters on the left
1542 N. Villere St., on the 2 story Firehouse on the right
An early Creole Quarters, Creole Tradition, dependency, and a vernacular Greek Revival gabled type firehouse/?.
7th ward

boys and girls in New Orleans / Esplanade, originally uploaded by jeff lamb.

must be here already someplace
i may have posted this many times before

another favorite corner1979©jeffrey lamb 2007
look but don’t touch, look see read, look again
There are 1700 houses on the imminent danger list! in the City of New Orleans.
600 have been photographed, there are 1100 to go,
Karen and another few volunteers are out there documenting this destruction!
so Dear friends of new orleans on the flickr,
give them a hand, take a list, ask karen, the list is out there!
ask the Editor b,
see big kids,
View On White


New Orleans 1984

January 3, 2011

BARQSaq #2, originally uploaded by jeff lamb.

one of three corners in a small portfolioNew Orleans 1984©jeffrey lamb 2008
part of a project completed in 1984, for the Preservation Resource Center of New

jlp/New Orleans,
one more, one more time, this the quadtone version of one of the most popular new orleans images i have, and to tell you a part of the story, this is an image that had haunted me for twenty years,
one to find, someday, in among the negs, and
two, because i never forgot that i took it, and three, that if there was anything worth archiving, it was this one…..

there are photographs that when you take them, you know that , “this is the one”… have a good look
the New Orleans prc portfolio is also found at, Jeff Lamb Photo,
under “New Work”,
and is all for sale! really,

LIVE Friday, ann arbor

January 2, 2011

IMG_2593jlp, originally uploaded by jeff and leyla.

last best shot of 2010

IMG_2553, originally uploaded by jeff and leyla.

2o1o into eleven